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You've got a hoop-t!

Whether you define it as a junk car, a well-loved hand-me-down, a road trip master, a clapped out heap, or a money pit... we all can agree: it's a straight up hoop-t.

You need to sell your car, STAT!

Your car would look better as a stack of cash, and we've made it easier than ever to sell your car. Simply tell us a few details about your hoop-t and we'll give you an offer in seconds!

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Once accepted, we'll ask a few questions about your schedule, and then we'll call you to finalize a time to pick up your car. After that, simply sit back, relax, and we'll do the rest!

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Frequently Asked Questions

No problem! We buy cars in every possible conditon: we buy wrecked cars, we buy burnt cars, we buy flooded cars, we buy cars that have never been better!
Scrap your car!

Of course! People sell us cars without keys all the time! We've got it covered.
Sell your keyless car!

This one's complicated; in most states, selling your car without a title is against the law. However, hoop-t has title specialists on staff who can help you navigate any title situation. Go ahead and generate a quote and you'll be assigned to a title specialist who can help!
Get a quote!

While we're more than happy to help you sell a car on the behalf of a loved one or friend, we'll be unable to complete a sale without the owner, or owner's legal representative present. Don't worry; generate a quote and you'll be assigned to a title specialist who will know how to proceed!
Get a quote!

Hey, we love a good spring cleaning! If you have more than two cars to you'd like to sell through hoop-t.com, our online tool might be a bit cumbersome. Feel free to request a bulk quote. Our bulk quotes are sent through to a more specialized buying team, who are able to analyze situations such as property clear-outs, estates, or old projects that may have lost their appeal. You can reach the bulk bidding team at hello@hoop-t.com!
Email us!

We've handled our fair share of impound lots! Generate a quote, and once accepted, we'll make sure you're connected with a hoop-t representative that's 'been there, done that'!
Sell your impounded car!

We buy any car!